Our Story

We're pioneering a new era in fine jewellery as the first luxury solitaire diamond jewellery brand to fully embrace Lab-Grown Diamonds. Here at Lightgreen, we believe jewellery is not just adornment; it's empowerment, it sparks joy, and it captures precious moments. Within these gems, emotions and memories are intricately woven, adorning us.

My  journey into the world of fine jewellery began during my Gemological Institute of America (GIA) education in 2010. Serendipity brought me into the circle of a family deeply involved in gemstones and mining, listening to their experiences and the harsh facts about mining. Their insights shifted my path, leading me to the world of unmined gemstone fine jewellery.

A turning point came through a blood diamond documentary that unveiled the harsh realities of gemstone mining. It ignited a fervent commitment within me to champion lab-grown diamonds. Thus, Lightgreen was conceived with a mission - to craft fine jewellery without using mined diamonds, harness the untapped potential of laboratory-grown diamonds, and steer clear of conflicts and unethical practices.

This journey symbolizes a harmonious union. My work serves as a beacon for ethical practices, safety, fair compensation, and land restoration. As the creative steward of Lightgreen, I create with intention, drawing wisdom from history while envisioning a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

In the eloquent words of Emma Watson, 'Sustainable fashion is not a trend, it's the future.