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Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Emerald and Diamond Earrings

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Classic Pear Shape Emerald and Diamond Earrings - White gold

Elevate your jewellery collection with our Classic Pear Shape Emerald and Diamond Earrings. Meticulously crafted in exquisite 18K white gold, these earrings feature a sensational display of pear-shaped emeralds and diamonds, artfully arranged to create scintillating streams of brilliance.

These cascading earrings from Lightgreen's Classic Collection celebrate the impeccable beauty of pear-shaped gemstones, each set within a minimalist metal setting. This design allows their radiant allure to powerfully emanate, subtly moving with each gesture of the wearer.

Perfectly suited for special occasions and everyday wear, these earrings epitomize timeless elegance, a hallmark of the Classic Lightgreen collection. Each pear-shaped emerald, with a total approximate weight of 9.00 carats, and diamond, with a total approximate weight of 5.00 carats, is meticulously selected for its exceptional quality.

What distinguishes our jewels is not only their extraordinary brilliance but also their sustainable origin, reflecting our unwavering commitment to ethical and eco-conscious practices. Delve into the luxurious blend of tradition and contemporary design with our Classic Lightgreen Pear Shape Emerald and Diamond Earrings, a truly exquisite addition to your collection.

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